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US Non-Residents

Bookkeeping services and tax filings.


Included with every package:

Direct access to your accountant, in any way that is convenient.

The licensed CPA assigned to your business will be available by phone and email to answer your questions.

Tax compliance CPA advisory services specific to non-resident issues.

Our knowledgable CPAs are experienced in solving many common non-resident issues you may have.

We answer all IRS, State and local correspondence.

Get peace of mind knowing CPA Tax Partners will handle any and all all tax related correspondence on your behalf.

We believe the CPA who manages your books
should prepare your taxes.

Your CPA will have an indepth knowledge of your business ensuring you get the deductions your business deserves.

Meet your US non-resident tax
requirements the easy way.

Non-residents that wish to do business in the U.S need to be made aware of what their tax compliance responsibilities are. They will need to file, Federal, State, and local tax returns based upon the entity type they choose to operate. Numerous disclosure documents for non-residents are also required. Whether you choose to operate as an LLC or Corporation, you need to understand that your business entity is authorized to exist by the specific state you choose and each state has its own annual reporting and tax filing requirements. Failure to file timely with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the state you formed your business in, and the states and local jurisdictions you operate your business will subject your business to penalties. These penalties can be significant. In addition there are disclosure documents that must be filed for non-residents. Failure to file these disclosure documents, file and pay any minimum taxes can lead to suspension of your business as a result of a lien on your U.S. bank accounts.

Why Choose CPA Tax Partners?

  • Bookkeeping Services for your S Corporation for just $125/month.
  • Filing of your Schedule K1, 1120S, and state returns is included
  • QuickBooks online is included so you view your books at any time.
  • Work with an accountant who specializes in S Corporation tax preparation.

Work with nationally recognized CPAs.

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