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Single Member LLCs and
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Bookkeeping services with business tax preparation.


Included with every package:

Work together with an experienced Certified Public Accountant.

Your books are handled by CPAs with real world experience managing books for single member LLCs and sole proprietors.

A package tailored specifically for single member LLCs and sole proprietors.

Each business entity presents different bookkeeping and tax requirements, which is why we offer packages specifically designed for each entity.

Access to your businesses books, any time from anywhere.

You get access to a subscription to QuickBooks™ online, where you can view your books at anytime from any QuickBooks supported device.

Work directly with one of our licensed accountants,
included with every package.

We understand the value of a personal touch. Every package includes access to accountant ready to help you get the most out of your books.

The benefits of hiring professionals to handle
bookkeeping for your sole proprietorship
or your single member LLC.

Proper bookkeeping can be one of the biggest challenges faced by small business owners and freelancers today. The importance of accurate bookkeeping cannot be understated, not only for tax time accuracy, but also for understanding the ins and outs of where your money is moving throughout the year. Our accountants will help you more accurately maintain your books, and complete your tax returns.

The Benefits of an S Corporation

Benefits of a Limited Liabilty Company (LLC)

A limited liability company is a business entity used primarily for operating a business, or as a tool for holding property such as real estate, stocks and other assets. The main benefit of forming an LLC is to create an independent and separate vehicle from which to run and conduct business activity. This level of separation from the business creates a layer of personal liability protection for the owners. If you start and run a business without forming a legal entity such as an LLC, you are completely and fully personally liable for anything related to your business. A few types of businesses generally cannot be LLCs, such as banks and insurance companies.

The LLC is similar to a corporation when it comes to providing personal asset protection. However it provides the owners of the business with flexibility as to how it will be treated for tax purposes. There are advantages and disadvantages to each choice, depending on the type of business and circumstances of the owners.

An LLC can take different forms for tax purposes. An LLC with one owner, or "member", is referred to as a disregarded entity for tax purposes. And this "disregarding" means that the LLC's activities are reported on its owner's regular income tax return on a Schedule C, E or F, the same form a sole proprietorship files. Single-member LLC scan also elect to be treated as a regular corporation, called a C corporation, or can elect to be treated as an S corporation. An LLC with multiple owners, or "members", can be treated as a partnership for tax purposes filing on IRS Form 1065. This type of LLC offers automatic and unqualified pass through taxation and may result in less taxes and the ability to pass through losses that can be used by the owners of the business to offset other income in various circumstances. Multiple-member LLCs also can elect to be treated as an S corporation and file their tax returns on Form 1120S.

Why Choose CPA Tax Partners?

  • Bookkeeping Services for your S Corporation for just $125/month.
  • Filing of your Schedule K1, 1120S, and state returns is included
  • QuickBooks online is included so you view your books at any time.
  • Work with an accountant who specializes in S Corporation tax preparation.

Work with nationally recognized CPAs.

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Certified Public Accountant

Save thousands per year & protect your personal assets
by incorporating or forming an LLC.

MyCorporation® eliminates the complexity of registering your business with the state by completing the formation paperwork on your behalf.

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